Light Bites Lunch Menu


Basket of Bread 3.50

For £1 extra add Houmous, Balsamic Oils or Truffle Mayonnaise

Provencal Olives 3.50


Merry Harriers House Burger with baconnaise, house pickles, chunky chips and mixed salad served in a brioche bun 14

Camden Pale Ale battered Fish & Chips with tartare sauce and a choice of garden or mushy peas 14.50

Chicken, Bacon and Avocado Salad, with house dressing 9.50

Smoked Salmon and Crayfish Open Sandwich, with ribbons of home grown courgettes, sun blush tomato pesto & lemon beetroot salt 7.50

Heritage Tomatoes on Toasted Homemade Bread with whipped buffalo mozzarella & pesto dressing 6.50

Pigeon & Charred Peaches Salad with wild berries, house dressing & homemade bread 9.50

Merry Ploughman’s, Quickes Cheddar, Norbury blue, serrano ham, local sausage, homemade bread, pickles and mixed salad 14.50

The 1970’s called and asked for their Chicken Nuggets or Scampi in a basket back!! Served with Chips & Dip £9


Sandwiches & Sides

Cheddar and Pickle v

Ham and Tomato

Brie, Sun Blush Tomato & Pesto v

Houmous & Sun Blush Tomato

Brie & Bacon

Chips 3.50 (with Cheese 4.00)

All served on Farmhouse White or Malt Crunch Bread with a Side Salad 5.95


The menu varies regularly and we always have a selection of daily specials.
All our food is prepared in-house so we can adapt most dishes to suit any specific requirements