Shepherd Huts

The epitome of the luxury "glamping experience" is the best way to describe our 5 luxurious and colourful Shepherd Huts. Located to the front of our Inn and set beside a sparkling pond that overlooks the horse dotted fields of the rolling Surrey Hills.

Our 5 Shepherd Huts are cosy and stylish and packed with luxuries reminiscent of a hotel suite! Each hut comes with downy double bed, underfloor heating, log burner and a cosy seating area with games. A handy kitchen corner don’t forget to open the fridge door to find your complimentary bottle of wine and tasty nibbles to enjoy on arrival.
The bathroom includes a luxurious walk-in rain shower with toiletries and soft towelling bathrobes. Each Hut comes equipped with Netflix enabled smart TV and thoughtful little extras include a hair dryer and a hot water bottle…so you can pack perfectly light!
Step outside and discover a firepit that’s ideal for marshmallow toasting under the stars, and teak sun loungers primed for curling up with a good book on a sunny afternoon.
Our Shepherd Huts accommodate 2 adults and are dog friendly.

What is a Shepherds Hut?

Originating in the 16th century, traditional shepherd huts served as mobile shelters for shepherds as they moved across the countryside with their flocks. These compact and practical dwellings provided warmth, security, and a place to rest, with the interiors often featuring a simple stove and a bed.

A Unique Blend of History and Modern Comfort

At The Merry Harriers, we have taken the essence of these humble historical dwellings and transformed them into a luxurious glamping experience. Our modernised Shepherd Huts combine the rustic charm of the original design with contemporary amenities and stylish décor, offering a perfect balance of old-world nostalgia and modern comfort. Our Shepherd Huts offer a unique and unforgettable experience, allowing you to embrace the tranquillity of the countryside while enjoying the comforts of boutique-style accommodation.

Experience Luxury in Our Deluxe Shepherd Huts

Our deluxe Shepherds Huts boast cosy and stylish interiors designed to create an inviting atmosphere that feels like a home away from home. Each hut is tastefully furnished, blending rustic elements with modern touches. You’ll find comfortable beds adorned with soft linens, bespoke furniture, and carefully curated decorative accents that reflect the unique character of each hut.

One of the questions we often receive is, “Do shepherds huts have toilets and showers?” Rest assured that our Shepherds Huts come equipped with en-suite bathrooms, providing modern and convenient facilities for our guests. You’ll enjoy hot showers, quality toiletries, and fluffy towels to ensure a comfortable and relaxing stay.

Another common query is, “Are shepherds huts hot in summer?” While traditional shepherds huts might have been subject to the whims of the weather, our deluxe huts are designed with your comfort in mind. Each hut features temperature-controlled interiors, ensuring a pleasant stay no matter the season. Whether you’re seeking respite from the summer heat or a cosy retreat during the cooler months, our Shepherds Huts provide the perfect environment for a comfortable and memorable countryside escape.

Indulge in Shepherds Huts with Hot Tubs

For an extra touch of luxury and indulgence, we offer a selection of our deluxe Shepherds Huts with hot tubs. Imagine soaking in the warm, bubbling water as you take in the stunning views of the surrounding Surrey hills countryside, creating an unparalleled sense of relaxation and connection with nature.

Our Shepherds Huts with hot tubs are perfect for couples seeking a romantic getaway or for anyone looking to enhance their stay with an extra layer of pampering. The soothing waters of the hot tub provide the ideal setting for intimate conversations under the starry night sky or a blissful moment of solitude, offering a truly rejuvenating experience.

Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply treating yourself to a well-deserved break, our Shepherds Huts with hot tubs promise an unforgettable stay that will leave you feeling refreshed, revitalised, and completely at ease.

Dog-Friendly Accommodations

At The Merry Harriers, we understand that your furry friends are an important part of your family, which is why we’re delighted to offer dog-friendly Shepherd Huts for your stay. Our welcoming atmosphere extends to your four-legged companions, ensuring that they too can enjoy the beautiful surroundings and countryside walks that our location has to offer.

Each dog-friendly Shepherds Hut is designed with your pet’s comfort in mind, providing ample space and easy access to the outdoors for playtime and exploration. Our team is more than happy to provide recommendations for dog-friendly trails, local attractions, and nearby establishments where you can dine together.

Your dog’s stay at our Shepherd Huts will be an exciting adventure, with countless opportunities to explore new sights, sounds, and scents. So pack your bags and your pup’s favourite toys, and embark on a memorable countryside getaway where both you and your canine companion will feel right at home.

Glamping with Llamas

One of the most distinctive experiences offered at The Merry Harriers is the opportunity to enjoy glamping alongside our friendly and curious llamas. Our delightful llama companions add an extra element of enchantment and excitement to your stay, making your Shepherds Hut adventure even more memorable.

These gentle, sociable creatures roam the picturesque grounds, creating a truly unique atmosphere for our guests. During your stay, you can interact with our llamas, learn more about their fascinating personalities, and even embark on llama trekking through the breathtaking Surrey Hills. These treks offer a one-of-a-kind experience, allowing you to bond with your new llama friend while exploring the stunning countryside.

Whether you’re a seasoned animal lover or simply looking for a novel and unforgettable glamping experience, our llama companions will surely add a touch of magic to your time at The Merry Harriers.

Explore Surrey Hills and Nearby Attractions

The Merry Harriers is perfectly situated for guests to explore the beautiful Surrey Hills and the wealth of attractions that South East England has to offer. Our Shepherd Huts provide an ideal base for glamping enthusiasts seeking to immerse themselves in the natural beauty and cultural experiences of the region.

Venture out into the stunning Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, offering miles of scenic walking, hiking, and cycling trails. Along the way, you’ll encounter charming villages, historic landmarks, and breathtaking vistas that capture the essence of the English countryside.

A short drive from our location, you’ll find a variety of attractions to suit every taste. Visit historic sites and stately homes, indulge in local cuisine at quaint pubs and restaurants, or explore the vibrant arts and crafts scene at nearby galleries and workshops.

Whatever your interests, glamping in the Surrey Hills and South East England offers endless opportunities for discovery and adventure. The Merry Harriers’ Shepherds Huts are the perfect starting point for your journey, providing a luxurious and comfortable haven amidst the enchanting landscape.

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