Pottery Activity Break

Enjoy the ultimate Surrey Staycation with The Merry Harriers. Unwind from the fast pace of digital life in the city with a two night break including lunch with llamas and a pottery class, Claire Waterhouse is a local potter who teaches from her studio in Milford, just 3 miles away from The Merry Harriers. From Throwing on the Potter's wheel to Lantern making, there is something for everyone to enjoy on this staycation with the llama trek too!

Choose from a range of pottery activities:
Sgraffito tile decorating
2 hour activity
This class is suitable for beginners and the more experienced. Design your own 10x10cm design, or chose from a variety of examples. Carving through a layer of white slip to reveal the terracotta beneath, this is an ancient surface decorating technique. You will make up to 2 tiles.
Decorating handmade bowls
2 hour activity
This class explores surface division and pattern making based on colourful Aztec designs.
A minimum of 2 weeks advanced booking is required, as bowls are made to order. Confirmation of interior colours also required: turquoise, red, orange, lilac, spring green, or blue.
Lantern making
2 hour activity
Explore the wonders of carving clay by making your own pierced candle holder. This is a very enjoyable and calming activity for people of all skill levels.
Seasonal Decorations
2 hour activity
Explore surface printing using vintage lace to create a selection of 10 unique hanging decorations. These can also be personalised to make beautiful unique gifts.
Throwing on the potters wheel
2 hour activity
Learn how to make a bowl using the potters wheel.
Basic pinch pots
2 hour activity
The most primitive form of working with clay and a relaxing introduction to the craft. Your pots will be finished in a rustic dribbling glaze. These make excellent salt and pepper pots. You will aim to make a set of 3 stacking bowls
Trinket dishes
2 hour activity
This class explores printing into flat slabs of clay using lace. These dishes can be personalised and make excellent and unique gifts. You will make up to 2 dishes.

Weekend Pottery activities are available on Sundays, and run for 2 hours, between 12 noon and 4pm. Pre-booking is required at least two weeks in advance. Reservations are taken subject to availability. Your finished pieces will be posted within 4 weeks of your lesson.

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